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Fed4Fire proposal

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Subject: Fed4Fire Easter-Eggs BICEPS experiment request for review
Attachement: 2021-09-16-f4fp-sme_ngi-call-doc-proposal-biceps.odt
Easter-eggs has been accepted in September 2021 as a beneficiary of NGI Zero Discovery[0]. Grid5000 was instrumental in validating the theoretical storage design, as an INRIA representative when Easter-Eggs was under contract for this purpose, from February 2021 to August 2021. As of September 2021 there no longer is any contractual relationship between INRIA and Easter-Eggs. In the hope to continue to get access to the grid5000 infrastructure and contribute to the Software Heritage project, Easter-Eggs hereby kindly requests your review for the attached proposal for the Fed4Fire program[1].
[0] https://git.easter-eggs.org/biceps/funding/-/tree/master/2021-06-NGI-discovery
[1] https://www.fed4fire.eu/event/continuous-call-sme-cascaded-experiments
P.S. In english in case you need to share it with non-french speaking people
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