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Fed4Fire agreement

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Dear Colleagues,
I hereby send you the template for the agreement. This is a standard document, which was also included in the package with the Open Call information.
Please provide the required information in the fields highlighted in yellow.
The starting date is to be defined by you in agreement with your testbed patron (copied on this mail). The end date is targeted to be in time for a formal review to be scheduled on-line somewhere spring 2022.
There is also a field with the maximum budget to be filled in. Here you have to fill in the budget you requested in your proposal, but exclusive of the budget for the Patron, so only your part of the budget.
Once you have filled in the required information, please sign the document and mail it to [redacted] (cc. to this mail) and myself. [redacted] will take care of the signature process within imec.
I addition, and just for statistical reasons and for reporting towards Brussels, we would also like to know:
• How did you learn about this call?
• Did you participate in any of the other NGI open Calls (organized by any of the following projects : NGI Pointer, NGI Assure, NGI0 Discovery, NGI ESSIF-Lab, NGI Atlantic.EU, LEDGER, NGI DAPSI, NGI TRUST, NGI ZERO, NGI EXPLORERS, NGI0-PET, Ontochain and TREBLO) and if so which call and which proposal?
Many thanks in advance
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